Get to Know the Dual Wedge

The Notch product team has thoughtfully reimagined what seems to be the most simple but essential tool- a pocket wedge.

The functionality is the same — it prevents the pinch when cutting logs or branches, but with a simple twist, the pocket wedge can be turned into two pocket wedges. Aside from your basic features listed on the product page, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the Dual Wedge — as simple as it seems.

What does the Dual Wedge do?
The purpose of a wedge is to prevent the pinch of a handsaw or chainsaw during cutting. As the saw creates a kerf, the wedge is inserted to avoid the weight of the cut portion of the tree resting on the saw blade or bar chain. By maintaining a ‘gap’ during cutting, the saw is more efficient in use.

What problem does it solve?
This prevents damage to a handsaw or chainsaw when cutting. Save time, money, effort, (and embarrassment) by preventing the pinch.

What sets the Dual Wedge apart from other products in the industry and why?
As the name implies, this small wedge consists of two halves that can be used independently or together. By separating the wedge two individual pieces can be used in the same tree. By joining them together only a small space is needed to stow on a harness.

Most common issue/misuse and how to avoid:
This is not a felling wedge. It is not designed to be hit with an ax or heavy tool in order to correct a lean of a tree. Avoid striking with a heavy tool.

How to store the Dual Wedge:
This wedge has 1 connection point so it is easily stowed on the harness, out of the way. When needed, it can be used as 1 wedge, or 2 separate wedges.
When not in use, store the product in a ventilated area away from extremes of temperature or chemicals.

How to clean the Dual Wedge:
Wipe with wet cloth if needed.

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