Notch Ambassadors

We are a brand by arborists and for arborists. Notch builds and tests innovative products to make an arborist’s job safer and easier. We have hand-picked a team of elite arborists to collaborate with in the following ways:


Assist with product design and testing to create something with meaning and value for arborists.

Honor the Craft

Share the arborist way of life through products in-use and show respect for the outdoors.

Creativity Through Aspiration

As leaders in the field, help fellow arborists find a better way to perform their work and/or sport.

Krista Strating

Ontario, Canada

Krista Strating is a Certified Arborist and World Tree Climbing champion based out of Ontario, Canada. Krista has been a climbing instructor for over 10 years and is involved with the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop– teaching women how to climb in a safe and empowering learning environment.

Mark Gaudet is a certified professional climbing arborist from Ontario, Canada. Mark has been working in the private tree care industry for 10 years and competing in Tree Climbing Competitions since 2012. As a teacher at Humber College over the past seven years, he enjoys the hands-on approach of teaching students how to safely climb, prune and remove trees. After winning his chapter competitions in 2015 and 2016 he competed in the ITCC and NATCC twice. He is a 2-time Team Jambo Champion and placed 3rd in Notch’s Capture the Canopy event.

Mark Gaudet

Ontario, Canada

Derrick Martin

Central Pennsylvania

Derrick Martin is a professional arborist and competitive tree climber based out of central Pennsylvania and has been in the tree care industry for over 17 years. Derrick is currently self-employed as a contract tree climber but has also worked as a general foreman, in charge of safety and training. You can catch Derrick competing at regional and national climbing competitions and as an instructor at ArborFest EXPO.

Mauricio (Mao) is a Colombian arborist, tree care professional and competition climber. He works as a Training Director and Arboriculture Instructor at the School of Pruning at Height of La Casa del Arborista. Mao also competes in tree climbing events and won first place at the DRA Air Rescue Challenge in Guadalajara in 2021. When he’s not in the canopy or teaching and training, he likes to spend time with his family, listen to music (he’s a DJ) and share virtual spaces with other arborists to continue to learn and grow together.

Mauricio Gonzales Muñoz