Rope Runner Pro vs. Other Mechanical Devices

Notch Ambassador Krista Strating walks through the features that make the Rope Runner Pro stand out over other mechanical devices on the market.

Highlights include:

  • The Rope Runner Pro is midline attachable- this makes it convenient if you're climbing on long ropes in tall trees.
  • The Rope Runner Pro has no moving pieces that come completely apart- stays in 1 piece and stays attached to you.
  • The Rope Runner Pro is more comfortable to handle with smoother edges.
  • The Rope Runner Pro is versatile! It's not limited to SRS- you can clip your base anchor to harness to work in MRS.

Bonus Tip: The Rope Runner is not left or right handed. The top steel slic pin can be reversed so if you're right or left handed, you can flip it so it doesn't dig into your hand when managing friction with the bird.

Climb safe and have fun!

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