Rope Runner vs. Rope Runner Pro

Rope Runner vs. Rope Runner Pro

Notch Ambassador Krista Strating demonstrates the differences between the original Rope Runner and the Notch Rope Runner Pro.

Highlights include:

  • Bird has smoother edges (compared to original).
  • Rope Runner Pro features a center attachment to your chest harness, vs loading from the side
  • Rope Runner Pro Midline attachable as 1 piece vs breaks apart (risking dropping pieces).
  • Now you can customize your upper friction bollard based on your climbing set up and rope.

These changes make it less intimidating to go from rope wrench to using a mechanical device, but as with all new climbing setups, go low and slow and practice.

Sold out

Designed by Notch with original inventor Kevin Bingham, the Notch Rope Runner Pro has enhanced ergonomics and rope friendly edges. The Notch Rope Runner Pro is the ultimate SRS mechanical device.

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