FAQ: What to know about the new Notch Magneato

We want to make sure you’re fully equipped to get the most out of your gear, so here are some common questions that will help you get started, maximize all the features and benefits and keep it working properly for the full life of the product.

Q: What is the purpose of the Magneato?
A: The Magneato is a SRT chest harness attachment specifically for the Rope Runner Pro. It replaces the need for a micro carabiner.

Q: What problem does this product solve?
A: When a micro carabiner is used, there is risk of interference with the bird hooking around the carabiner and engaging it - creating a scenario for a fall. The Magneato eliminates this risk .

Q: What is the most common misuse, and how do I avoid it?
A: A common mis-use is to connect the Magneato to your harness, saddle or rope bridge. This product was only designed to use connected to a chest harness when paired with the Rope Runner Pro.

This product is also NOT compatible with the Rope Runner.

Q: How do I store it?
A: Store unpacked in a cool, dark, dry place. In a chemically neutral environment away from excessive heat or heat sources, high humidity, sharp edges, corrosives, or other possible causes of damage. Do not store wet.

Q: How do I clean the Magneato?
A: Use normal cleaning solutions and lubricate with household lubricants when necessary.

Q: How do I know when to retire the product?
A: Immediately retire any equipment if any of the following apply:

  • The product fails any inspection (before, during, after use , and in periodic in - depth inspection).
  • It was misused, altered, damaged, or exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • There is any doubt regarding its integrity.