FAQ: Learn about the Pebble Retrieval System

The Notch Pebble is unique because it twists like a propeller to get out of tight spots. No more tugging on your throwline or climbing line to get your retrieval ball out of the tree.

What’s the purpose of the Pebble?

The purpose of the Pebble is to efficiently retrieve a ring friction saver/climbing system from the canopy without needing to bomb it out of the tree.  It works with both fixed-length and adjustable-length friction savers.

You can also use it to do a controlled lower of your canopy anchor, or you can use your throw line to retrieve your anchor or redirect.

What makes the Pebble unique and why?

Traditional retrieval balls are round with a larger diameter and can get caught in tight unions/crotches of trees. The shape of the Pebble allows it to naturally twist and maneuver over branches and through unions.

Now you can retrieve your system with or without a throwline.

What other products can the Pebble be used with?

The Pebble can be used with any style of ring and ring friction savers which contain a ring with a minimum ID (inner diameter) of 28mm (1”) or less. You can also use it with or without a throwline to retrieve your anchor or redirect.

What are some common misuses and how do I avoid them?

Ensure the retrieval cordage of the Pebble is tightly secured (girth hitch) to the climbing rope or throwline. Be familiar with proper technique of friction saver retrieval.

Also, we know retrieval balls are easy to lose, so that’s why we sell it as a 2-pack.

How easy is this product to use? 1 is simple, 5 is complicated and requires practice before using at height.

2. This is assuming the user is familiar with the standard process of removing friction savers from the canopy. The Pebble would be used the same way a retrieval ball would be used.

How do I store and clean the Pebble?

Store the Pebble in a dry container. Avoid contact with sharp objects as they may cut the cord loop.  

It’s made of Nylon, so it’s simple to clean. Just wipe it off if necessary.